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Well, I learned to much, I like this course, my friends, my teacher, really specials persons I would like to course with them, of all I learned something I knew more, I like would invite my friends and teacher to come and to review my blog and they give me theirs opinion…


My name is Daniela, I’m 21 years old I was a little fat, and very gross, but non I know that the things are not easy, I want finish my career, to be over, to be graduate, to be a professional to help a lot of people, I will like to be graduate as soon as possible to finish the injustice in the country. I want to in my future’s plan I want to be specialist in Mercantile or Penal Law and I want own desk, help economically at my mother, and I don’t go from Maracaibo, because I was born here, and here I want to be over and I don’t want leave my family.


Venezuela is a country neither cold nor hot, have cities colds and warms, it is a mountainous country, it have vallies, rivers, and beautiful beach. One of the best attraction is the “Salto Angel” with a great loftiness, the Amazon have a big forest and different class of animals. Venezuela is a country with big places forest-born, also have a lot of vegetation, Venezuela is beautiful


Monica: Good morning, o’lala c.a
Ms Patricia: Hi, please can I tolk to miss Rachid ?
Monica: I am sorry she is not Here do you like leave a message?
Ms Patricia: Yes please tell her that Patricia called
Monica: Ok
Ms Patricia: Also tell her don’t forget Shakira concert today at 8:00 pm
Monica: Ok, I will tell her
Ms Patricia: Please, tell that I go to pick up, in her house at 7:30 pm
Monica: Ok
Ms Patricia: Thanks you
Monica: So long

Leonardo di Caprio description

Leonardo Di Caprio is an actor. He is medium height. He is handsome and very good-looking, He is slim and SEXY guy. He has beautiful blue eyes and tanned skin with a tattoo. He has a short brown hair and a mustache and beard. He’s wearing a brown shirt, he’s in his twenties.